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What's New in 2019

  1. New Track Surface.  The track surface is finally going to be done this winter.  With a new grass tiff field on the field the Discus will now be located off the track.  The Discus competition will be held in the practice field located south of the tennis courts. 

  2. Time Standards.  As much as we want everyone to be able to compete at the Chandler Rotary, we have gotten too large.  Therefore, this year we will have minimum standards for entry into the meet.  These times will be based upon the 104th time from last year’s Friday session.  This will represent at least 13 heats in Friday’s open session.   In keeping with the philosophy of allowing as many athletes to compete, but run a meet in a timely and efficient manner; we will be doing a session at our sister school, Hamilton.  Hamilton is located four miles south of Chandler High School.This session will be for heats of the sprints, sprint relays and some distance races. This allows us to reduce the number of heats and meet our goal of being done on time.  All field events and hurdles will still compete at Chandler High School.  This session will still be a state qualifying session. 

  3. Entry Fee and Entry Deadlines.  We are going to attempt to mirror the Arcadia Invitational fee structure and fee collection.  Arizona entry fees (last year was $350) this year will be $7.50 per individual event.  Relays will be $20 per relay and a school cap will be $400.  The advantage to you will be that if you are only entering athletes in ten events and a relay, your entry fee would only be $95 vs the full amount of $400.  Out Of State Fees.  Out of state individuals that are coming solo will now be charged $5.00.  Out of state teams will be charged $50 per gender. In October of 2017, two entry checks were finally received—seven months after the track meet.  Therefore, our a new policy (just like Arcadia) that either a school Purchase Order, personal check or a credit card be in place prior to or at packet pick up.  If using a school PO, make it out for the max entry fee of $400 and we will send each school an invoice.  If there is no school PO or school check,  then a personal check or credit card will need to be presented.  A check will be held for two weeks until we either receive a school purchase order or some other form of payment.  Entry Deadlines:  Entries are due on Wednesday, March 14 at 9:00PM.  Scratches will be allowed to be made till Saturday, March 16 at Midnight.  After this time any athlete you have entered will be charged.  Alternates WILL NOT be charged an entry fee; unless put into the meet by Sunday.  On Monday evening a final listing of schools and their entry fees will be posted on our website.  Alternates placed into the meet on the day of the meet will NOT be charged an entry fee (someone else has paid for that spot) 

  4. NIKE Gear Sale.  Last year was the first time NIKE product was sold. This year the product amount has more than doubled and will have a NIKE product apparel tent located in the same position—east side of the track.

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