2022 Meet Information

To the Chandler Rotary T&F coaches,

When the keys to the car were turned over to me in 1983, there were 12 boys’ teams.  In the past twenty or thirty years, this meet has grown tremendously and will hopefully continue to evolve, get better and better in the years to come.  Over the past few years, continuing to run our track meet the way we believe it should be run, has become exceedingly difficult.  Not because of COVID, but due to district and state legislative fiscal requirements.  These requirements are precluding several of our expenditures—such as coach’s meals, awards and their cost limitations, workers pay etc. To maintain the excellent quality and standards that we have come to expect of this meet, I have formed the Desert Dream T&F and XC LLC.  Going forward, entry fees will need to be payable to this LLC.  W9’s will be ready by January of 2022 to be emailed out upon request.  Until then, circle March 25 & 26, 2022, for the 82nd Annual NIKE Chandler Rotary Track and Field Invite.

Dave Shapiro, Executive Director along with Eric Richardson and Matt Lincoln, Associate Directors.

For Questions & Answers email our meet director Dave Shapiro at:  shapdave5@gmail.com

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